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Featured image

Featured topic is a system on the Napoleon Bonaparte Wiki to highlight the best quality images uploaded. The image will be displayed on the main page, along with an appropriate caption that accurately explains the subject of the image without going into extensive and unnecessary detail. Please see the Featured image nominations page.


A featured image must be among the Napoleon Bonaparte Wiki's best work; thus, several criteria must be met in order to qualify as a featured image.
A featured image must be:

  1. High resolution. The image must be of sufficiently high resolution to view details in the work. Blurry or otherwise low resolution images will not be accepted.
  2. Quality. The image must have good contrast, focus, composition, and no artifacts.
  3. Free. The image must have a free license, such as public domain.
  4. Captioned. The image must have an accurate caption that explains the subject of the image without going into extensive and unnecessary detail.
  5. Genuine. The image must avoid digital manipulation (or at least unnecessary digital manipulation.) Cropping, sharpening, color correction, etc., are all acceptable forms of manipulation, provided they are not deceptive and do not misrepresent the subject.


  1. Use {{Image nominated}} on the image's summary when you nominate it.
  2. Use {{Image failed}} on the image's summary if it fails nomination.
  3. Use {{Image featured}} on the image's summary if it passes nomination.

Featured imagesEdit

There are no Featured images at the current time.

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